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So, you’ve purchased your first electric vehicle and might be wondering, what’s next? Or, you might already have one and have been dealing with those long charging sessions using a 3-pin plug – who has time for that!?

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a McNally EV Home Charger:

1. They’re SAFER

The number one reason is undoubtedly safety. Whilst we know that you can technically charge your car with a 3-pin socket, they aren’t designed to support the load of electricity that EVs require. This could cause overheating and major issues with your home electrics.

Home EV charging points are built to handle all types of weather, and they won’t require wires running from outside into your home, meaning you can charge your car in wind, rain, snow and sunshine!

2. They’re so, so much faster

Charging your car with a 3-pin plug could take up to a whopping 39 hours, seriously. A 7 kW home charging point can charge 3x faster and smarter than a 3-pin.

Have a look to see how much time you could save on some of the most popular electric cars below:


3-pin plug

7 kW home charger

Tesla Model 3

33 hours

11 hours

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

17 hours

6 hours

Kia Soul EV

31 hours

9 hours

Jaguar I-PACE

39 hours

13 hours

*average estimate

3. They have unmatched smart functionalities

Smart EV chargers connect via an app on your phone which allows you to monitor and manage your cars charging to optimise the energy consumption.

They’re essentially future-proof as they will be constantly updated with the latest features and updates through the cloud. Any bugs can easily be identified and fixed with smart EV systems too.

4. They’re more cost effective

The smart functionalities allow you to manage your charging, by using off-peak hours meaning a cheaper charge, view real-time charging data so that you don’t have to worry about exceeding the capacity of your local grid, and view how much each charge costs so you can keep track of bills.

5. Spread the cost with finance

Split your payments into 10 months and you could be eligible for 0% finance, including charger and installation!

There are other payment options available too, just contact our team of experts and we’ll be happy to go through everything with you.

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