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It’s High Time To Install EV Charging in the Workplace!

Here are the reasons why you need to consider the installation of electric car charging points at your business, especially after the last few years.


Encourage the return to work following the pandemic:

Covid-19 changed the face of corporate work. Whilst, for some companies, working from home works well, for others the cooperation and networking that happens in the office space is crucial to their growth. In these cases, allowing employees to have the use of a charging point, instead of having to invest in one individually, may be what’s needed to encourage them to get back into the office more regularly.



Improve the prospect of a daily commute:

After so many workers became used to working remotely, the thought of a lengthy commute can be off putting and with so many people prioritising convenience, when faced with the choice of two similar jobs this could be the deal breaker. You can soften the impact of a return to the office by offering EV charging. In addition to these factors, employees care about a sustainable future now more than ever.


Attract new employees:

Employees are worried about your company’s environmental policy. A recent study by Unily showed that 83% of employees feel that their company is not making enough effort to fight climate change. Additionally, if given the chance, 65% of workers would switch to companies that had more sustainability efforts. Stand out to the pool of potential employees looking toward the future by investing in charging infrastructure.

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