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With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and the growing need for sustainable transportation, many people are considering the switch to an EV. One question that often arises is whether it’s necessary to invest in a home EV charger. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of home charging and delve into the statistics highlighting the rise in EV sales and their growing popularity in recent years.


Benefits of Home Charging:

  1. Convenience: Having a home EV charger means you can charge your vehicle at your convenience. No more searching for public charging stations or worrying about availability. You can simply plug in your EV when you get home and wake up to a fully charged vehicle every morning.

  2. Cost Savings: Charging at home allows you to take advantage of residential electricity rates, which are typically lower than public charging rates. Over time, the cost savings can be significant, especially when compared to relying solely on public charging options.

  3. Time Savings: Charging your EV at home saves you time. You no longer need to make detours or wait in line at charging stations. Simply plug in your vehicle and utilize the time for other activities while your EV charges conveniently at home.

  4. Control over Charging: With a home EV charger, you have complete control over your charging sessions. You can schedule charging during off-peak hours, reducing your electricity costs even further. Additionally, you can tailor the charging rate to meet your specific needs, optimizing efficiency and adapting to your lifestyle.

Over the past few years, electric vehicles have experienced a significant rise in sales and a surge in popularity. Here are some noteworthy statistics:

  1. Global EV Sales: According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), global EV sales surpassed 3 million units in 2020, representing a 43% increase compared to the previous year.

  2. Market Share: EVs have been steadily gaining market share. In Europe, EVs accounted for over 10% of total car sales in 2020, marking a significant milestone in the transition to sustainable mobility.

  3. Improving Infrastructure: The expansion of charging infrastructure has played a vital role in the rise of EVs. Governments and private entities are investing in the development of charging networks, making EV ownership more accessible and convenient.

  4. Environmental Consciousness: The growing concern for the environment and a desire to reduce carbon emissions have driven the adoption of electric vehicles. More individuals are recognizing the positive impact EVs can have on air quality and overall sustainability.

Investing in a home EV charger brings numerous benefits, including convenience, cost savings, and control over your charging process. As the sales of electric vehicles continue to soar and their popularity increases, it’s clear that EVs are here to stay. Embrace the future of transportation, contribute to a greener planet, and enjoy the advantages of home charging for your electric vehicle.

Remember, McNally EV is here to guide you through your home charging journey. Contact us today to explore the best charging solutions for your specific needs.

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