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Here are six reasons why, as a restaurant owner, you should install electric car chargers at your business

Attract EV-Driving Customers

There are more people looking for ways to charge their vehicles while they shop and do business throughout the day. And restaurants present an ideal opportunity to “fill up” whilst also providing great food and drinks.


Encourage customers to spend longer at your restaurant

To get an extra boost on their car, people would be more likely to stay a little longer and purchase that extra drink to pass the time, bringing you more profit per customer.

Free marketing

Aside from word of mouth amongst the EV community, installing chargers will make you visible when potential customers are searching for ‘EV charging points near me’. This will increase your reach and brand awareness and could earn you some loyal customers.

Potential extra revenue

By charging a fee for use of the charging points, owners can convert the expense of installing EV chargers into another revenue stream. They can even turn this into a perk by offering customers charging credits for spending more at their restaurant. In both scenarios the business is increasing its profits whilst also satisfying the customer, a win win!


Stand out to job seekers

Attracting and retaining employees in the hospitality sector remains challenging. Anything that encourages staff is a great investment. For a waiter/waitress, being able to charge their car whilst at work all day would be beneficial. You could take this incentive one step further if you chose by offering a reduced charging rate to staff.

Last but not Least.....


As a company you can be proud to be aiding the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Although this may not be directly affecting the bottom line, many would argue that the environmental benefits of installing EV chargers are the most important of them all.

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