5 Benefits of Installing EV Chargers at your Business

The electric car market is booming, with sales in 2021 increasing by 76.3%. Alongside this growth, the interest and requirement for charging stations has also increased, with retailers and car parks alike investing in their own stations, targeting and attracting the modern driver.


The future really is electric, and there are so many benefits to investing in charging stations for your business.


Read on to discover our top 5 benefits to installing EV charging stations at your business or workplace.

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1: Employee and Customer Retention


Whether you’re a customer facing business or operate in an office, investing in electric vehicle charge points will only make positive steps forward by demonstrating an active approach to innovation and a sustainable future.

Your employees are more likely to feel valued and stick with you due to the added benefit of being able to charge their car while they work.

Customers will keep coming back if they know they can get the added convenience of charging up whilst they shop with you!

2: Make your company sustainable


By introducing charge points at your business, you can dramatically reduce CO² emissions, which in turn lowers running costs. Your environmentally friendly business can be eligible to receive a number of incentives including government grants and tax savings.

3: Future Proof your Workplace


Change is coming, and for a business, you always want to be one step ahead of the game!


With the increasing number Green Air Zones being introduced throughout the UK, and the government’s plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, fitting your business with an EV charging point will ensure you’re set for the rising number of electric vehicles on the road.

4: Attract new customers


Many electric car owners have apps on their phone to look for service stations, cafes, shops, restaurants and car parks with EV charging stations.


Installing these in your own business will make you even more attractive, you can stand out against your competitors, and you’ll be providing an extra service as a company!

5: Earn extra income


Many charging stations built for business use can give you the option to charge for customer to use them. Plus, customers will spend longer at your business, meaning they’re more likely to spend more money with you – it’s a win win!

For more information on how McNally EV can help to charge up your business, contact our team of experts today!

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