EV Charging

A Charged Up Britain: Embracing the EV Revolution

The UK is at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) transition, and with it comes a surge in electric vehicle charger installation. But as we accelerate into this electric era, are we geared up for the nuances and necessities of EV long-distance travel and EV Charging?

Powering Up: Key Stats and Figures

Before we delve into smooth EV travel, let’s charge up our knowledge with some electrifying statistics:

With this background, how can you ensure troublefree long-distance trips as an EV owner?

Navigating the EV Landscape: How to Travel Smart

Championing long-distance EV travel isn’t just about securing the best EV charger installation or partnering with a top Zappi installer. It’s also about understanding your route and making informed decisions.

Best UK Apps to Assist EV Owners on Their Journeys

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is not just about shifting from petrol to electricity; it’s about leveraging technology to enhance the driving experience. If you’re an EV owner in the UK or contemplating the switch, you’ll be pleased to know that numerous apps are dedicated to making your EV experience smooth, efficient, and enjoyable. Here’s a helpful list:


Arguably the most popular amongst UK EV drivers, Zap-Map provides real-time data on over 15,000 public charging points. The app locates chargers and provides status updates (e.g., if they’re currently in use), types of connectors available, charging speeds, and user reviews.

Pod Point:

As one of the UK’s largest electric vehicle charger installation providers, Pod Point’s app offers a comprehensive map of their public charging network. With an intuitive interface, it provides details about the charging speed and cost.

BP Pulse:

Operated by BP Chargemaster, the UK’s largest EV charging network, BP Pulse provides users with access to over 8,000 charge points across the country. Its features include real-time availability, cost estimation, and accessible pay-as-you-go functionalities.


For those seeking the quickest route to the nearest available charger, Wattsup is a gem. It has a streamlined interface that gets straight to the point, making it ideal for EV owners who need quick and straightforward information.


Ecotricity’s Electric Highway app is vital for anyone travelling on the UK’s motorway network. Exclusively for motorway services, it provides details about charger types and availability. It even lets users report any issues with the stations.

Charge Your Car (CYC):

With a broad network across the UK, CYC offers an expansive list of public charging locations. Additionally, it provides remote start and stop charging functionalities, and the ability to track your charging history and expenditure.

Octopus Energy:

While primarily an energy supplier, Octopus Energy also offers Agile. This innovative tariff provides users with cheaper electricity during off-peak hours. The app helps EV owners schedule their charge car at-home sessions to take advantage of the best rates.


This app smartly integrates with your EV home charger and local energy grid to automatically charge your EV when electricity is the greenest and cheapest. It’s an excellent app for those conscious about their carbon footprint.

Incorporating these apps into your daily life can transform how you perceive EV ownership in the UK. They alleviate common concerns and add a layer of efficiency and enjoyment to the EV experience. You can only imagine how much more enriched this journey will become as technology evolves!

Essential Tips for Smooth Long-Distance EV Journeys

To enjoy the beauty of electric vehicles, you must understand the nuances of long-distance travel. Beyond finding a reliable Zappi installer or having an efficient EV charger installation, here’s what every EV owner should know:

Understand Your Vehicle’s Range:

Before you start, be well-acquainted with your EV’s optimal and real-world range. Charging your car at home provides a consistent output, but driving conditions can affect battery life. Be prepared for potential differences.

Use Technology for Charging Stations:

Harness the power of platforms like Zapmap or ChargePoint. Not only do they point out locations, but they also provide insights about charger types, speed, and user reviews.

Plan Breaks Strategically Around Charging:

Turn the necessity of charging breaks into an adventure. Seek out stations near points of interest, eateries, or scenic spots. This way, as your vehicle juices up, so can you.

Emergency Back-ups:

Never embark on long journeys without an emergency portable charger. They might not offer a full charge but can give that essential boost to reach the next station.

Prioritise Rapid Charging:

If your EV is compatible and you’re pressed for time, opt for ‘rapid’ 50kW chargers. They can significantly reduce waiting times and get you back on the road quicker.

Adopt an Efficient Driving Style:

The way you drive can be a game-changer. Smooth accelerations, steady speeds, and less aggressive manoeuvres can help you maximise your battery range.

Seek Overnight Charging Facilities:

For multi-day trips, check accommodations that offer EV charging facilities. This ensures you wake up to a fully charged vehicle, ready to tackle the day ahead.

Stay Vigilant with Battery Levels:

Modern EVs come equipped with predictive analytics. They offer real-time data on your battery status, adjusting predictions based on your driving style and route. Always stay informed.

Weather and Terrain Considerations:

Temperature drops and challenging terrains can be battery drainers. If you’re traversing mountainous areas or driving in cold spells, factor in more frequent stops.

Routine Maintenance Checks:

As with any vehicle, regular checks are vital. From tyre pressures to brake systems, ensure your EV remains in tip-top shape.

Consider Home Charging Infrastructure:

Invest in a top-quality EV home charger. Starting your journey with a full charge right from home sets a positive tone for the entire trip.

Engage with the EV Community:

Many seasoned EV travellers share their experiences and tips online. Engaging with these communities can provide invaluable insights for your journeys.

No matter the distance or destination, your EV journey can be as seamless and enjoyable as any other with meticulous planning and the right approach. The future of travel is not just electric but also exhilarating. Safe travels!