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At McNallyEV we’re proud to offer a full turnkey service to our customers. We pride ourselves in supplying, installing, and maintaining your electric vehicle charge-points.

With that in mind, we’re launching our very own maintenance package, McNallyCare for customers that have had a commercial or work place based installation.

With McNallyCare you’ll get:

24/7 Customer Care/Callout

Any problems? Give us a call. Our qualified, professional installers will attempt to troubleshoot over the phone. If the problem isn’t resolved, we’ll arrange a convenient time to come rectify your issue.

Parts Covered

We appreciate parts can be costly. So that’s why we guarantee we will not charge for any replacement parts, should the need arise*

Frequent Inspection

We’ll come visit you every year, just to touch base and see how your workplace is adapting to an electric vehicle charger. We’ll inspect the units with a beady eye, just to ensure everything is running as smoothly as it can for your business.

Promote Your Business
We’ll endeavor to promote your business through our social media channels. Through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we’ll make the world aware that you’re now part of the electric vehicle evolution.


£26.99 a month for 1-3 charge-points

£49.99 a month for 4-6 outlets

£69.99 a month for 10+ outlets

*costs for labour may be charged accordingly.
T&C’s Apply.


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