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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Fully Charged For The Journey Ahead. ​

With over 12,000 Installations and 10 Years in the Electric Vehicle industry, McNallyEV are the Name You Can Trust.

Eliminate range anxiety and be fully charged for the journey ahead by charging your electric vehicle at home, McNally EV could help if you are looking for ev charger home installation. Imagine having your own electric vehicle charger installed at home so you could plug in, charge up and travel freely without having to plan your journey around EV charging. Request a free quote today and one of our experts will guide you through the home charging process.

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Charging at Home is Smart and Fast.

Having one of our smart electric vehicle charger's installed at your home is the most convenient and cheapest way of topping up your EV's battery.

A smart EV charger can be setup to charge during off-peak times overnight, this is by far the cheapest charging method. Overnight EV charging is like charging your mobile phone, you wake up to a fully charged battery ready for the journey ahead.

Every ev charger home installation is approved by the government and will top up your battery at a speed of 7kW and above, meaning charging your electric vehicle will only take a few hours compared to using the 3pin plug charging method.

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What are the benefits Of ev charger home installation

A ev charger home installation could benefit you and your lifestyle, we install electric vehcile chargers that are smart, fast and durable.

McNally EV have a reputation to be proud of and we only supply and install reliable EV chargers nationwide. If you are searching for ev charger home installation the chances are we can offer a solution that suits you. All our chargers are fast and will charge your vehicle at 7kW and above. Owning a home EV charger is also cheaper than using a service station charger and if you sign up to an EV energy tarrif you could also schedule to charge your vehicle overnight when the cost of energy is cheaper. Charging from solar panels is also possible with a solar compatible charger installed at home. There are many benefits to owning an elecric vehicle charger, contact us for for information.

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