Puredrive II Energy Storage - AC 10 kWh

Clean Power

Puredrives intelligent software makes sure you are not throwing energy away. You can now use your stored solar even when the sun isn't shining.


British made battery system with inbuilt intelligence enclosed in a box. Keeps you safe and powered even in a power cut.


Puredrive's home battery system simply connects and saves you up to 70% on your electricity bills.

Puredrive Energy's battery storage system is a fully integrated AC battery system for residential use. It's a British product and uses the safest and highest performing lithium-ion-phosphate battery cells.

The elegant design and simple connection to the home enables the home owner to monitor remotely, and realise the benefits of reduced bill costs and clean green power.

Puredrive Energy - AC 10 kWh

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Indoor/Outdoor | Both

Dimensions (w x h x d) mm | 550 x 1460 x 165

Weight | 129 kg

Software Updates | Free

Ongoing Technical Support | Yes


Capacity | 10 kWh 

Battery Technology | LiFePo4 50V 200Ah 

Battery Cycles | 10,000 

Battery Management System | High/Low Voltage, Max Discharge, Cell Balancing 

Max Charge Voltage | 57V 

Discharge Cut Off Voltage | 45V 

Max Charge Current | 200A 

Continuous Discharge Current | 200A 

Max Discharge Current | 350A (3sec) 

Operating Temperatures | Discharge: -20 to 60 C Charge: - 20 to 45C


Rated Output Power | 3000/5000VA 

Maximum Output Power (3 sec) | 6000VA 

Maximum Charge | 35/75A

AC Voltage/Frequency (i/p & o/p) | 187- 266Vac / 50Hz, 45 to 60Hz 

Energy Consumption Priorities | PV/Battery/Grid 

Max Efficiency | 95% inverter

Operating mode | Smart grid/back up /UPS/On grid 

Conditions of use | Humidity 0 – 90% 

Temperature -20 to+60C 

Degressive power>40 C 


Compliance | CE,G98,G99,UN38.3,ROHS, MSDS EN-IEC 60335, 

EN-IEC 62109 

EN 55014, EN-IEC 61000 

Warranty | 10 years 

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