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McNally EV have installed electric chargers for a number of local authorities including councils, universities, colleges, NHS and other public sector organisations.

The On-Street Residential Charge-point Scheme is provided for electric cars by the Government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

Authorities are given the chance to access a £2.5 million grant which can be used to part fund the installation of on-street charge-points.

This scheme can give local authorities up to £7500 to use towards an electric vehicle charger to provide a charging infrastructure to those who don’t have the luxury of off street parking.


How can authorities qualify for the scheme?

Local authorities need the support of the Highways Authority and must be able to prove there is an existing demand in the area or provide a reasonable explanation of the benefits of the installation of EV chargers.

The chargers must be in residential areas that lack off street parking and provide pay-as-you-go access.

Local authorities must also be able to share data to OLEV for a period of three years.

The funding covers 75% of the installation cost of the charger and a parking bay, while the local authority contributes the 25%.

Residents can also put in a request with their local authorities for on-street chargers.

Find out more and how we can help

There may be other options available for public sector organisations.

Our customer care team can help advise you so please feel free to give us call us on 01535 444101 or contact us by email info@mcnallyelectrical.co.uk.

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