Indra Smart Pro (Socketed)


The Smart Pro is the smartest AC Electric Vehicle charger available on the market. Fully-featured, the Smart Pro will ensure your EV charges at the optimum time, and is available when you need it to be. Smart by name, and smart by nature.

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The Smart Pro is the most featurerich EV charger available on the market, ensuring your EV is always ready when you need it whilst maximising opportunities to charge from local solar and from the Grid when it is cheapest to do so. The Smart Pro features a simple onunit interface and a supporting Mobile App that provides current status and historical information, as well as enabling easy configuration of the unit.

The Smart Pro is fully compliant with all relevant standards and works with all EVs, those available today and those coming in the future. It is quick and easy to install, and eligible for the OLEV EVHS Grant when fitted by a McNallyEV. The Smart Pro comes with a 3year warranty as standard, and will never let you down, ensuring you are always charged and ready to go when you need to be.