Easee Home (Socket)


Easee Home EV Charging Robot

The Easee charging robot maximises the available electrical capacity within the building using dynamic load and phase balancing. Manufactured in Norway, the Easee home EV charger is the ultimate solution for delivering EV charging at home.

Install and grant included
TYPE 2 | 7.4KW | 22KW | WIFI 
  • Charging power up to 7.36kW (1 Phase)
  • Charging power up to 22kW (3 phase)
  • Compatible with all Type 2 electric cars
  • Wifi & 4G Connectivity
  • Easee Link RF
  • Control charging with the Easee app
  • 3 year warranty
  • 2 year workmanship warranty
  • OZEV Approved installer
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The Easee home EV charger is compact and lightweight, approximately 69% smaller than other EV chargers and weighing just 1.5kg. We have made it Easee and affordable to invest in a modern and forward-looking EV charger. With the “Easee Ready” docking station you get a complete EV charging point at a low cost. The EV charger acts as an intelligent junction box and also supports the expansion of multiple charging stations on the same cable. This allows you to easily scale the entire EV charging system.

The Easee Charge Robots have a fully autonomous load balancing system ensuring that the power draw is evenly balanced. The intelligent queuing system ensures that cars are charged without overloading the available power supply. The Easee Charge measures accurate power consumption through its built-in power meters. When a charging station has multiple owners, you keep track of the power consumption of each one, by registering their charge with a RFID chip or through the app.