Our Top 5 Best Selling Electric Cars

So you’ve decided to join the electric vehicle revolution, great stuff. There’s now just the decision of which one you go for? It’s a market that’s still growing, so you’d be forgiven for being somewhat uninformed on the matter. We’ve attempted to collate a simple list of the best selling electric vehicles, to help you out. Don’t say we don’t do anything for you.



1) Nissan Leaf


RRP: £30,935

Range: 107 miles off a single charge

The Nissan Leaf was launched in 2010, and was a game changer in the market. It’s main appeal being the ability to carry a range of 100 miles from a single charge. Since then it’s been caught up somewhat by others in the market.  Nissan have also provided some fantastic customization features, with the Leaf, to enable you to tailor the vehicle to your specific needs.



2) Tesla Model S

RRP: £64,935+

Range: Approx 350 miles off a single charge

For those lucky enough to have a higher end budget, the Tesla S really is worth every penny. Tesla seems to be now on course to dominate the electric vehicle industry. 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds, a fully interactive touchscreen dashboard, and 7 seats. It really brings the super car feel to electric cars. An 80% recharge in just 30 minutes is also just plain showing off.


3) Renault ZOE           

RRP: £18,475

Range: Approx 100 miles off a single charge

Designed for smaller trips, the ZOE seems to suit those with a shorter commute to work. It’s also been lauded for its efficiency and cheap cost to run. Its low range seems to have been amended, with newer models carrying the ability to reach up to 250 miles.


4) BMW i3

RRP: £34,000

Range: Approx 195 miles off a single charge.

The BMW i3 is certainly a statement in terms of design, with its futuristic appearance certainly wowing. Its noted acceleration from low speeds, makes it extremely fun to drive, with its more suited environment being the city streets.



 5) Hyundai Ioniq Electric

RRP: £29,495

Range: 174 miles off a single charge.

More of a family feel electric car. The only real downfall of this model is, well, it looks a bit plain compared to its competitors in this piece. It’s lack of character is made up for though as it feels a more upmarket model than its competitors. The Hyundai Ioiniq is certainly more of a safe bet.

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