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Do i need a fast ev charger?

You can charge your car using the standard 3 pin plug, but this takes a long time. Usually more than the overnight period, this sometimes requires you to stop off and recharge mid journey. If you install a fast EV charge point then you can half your charging times and be ready for the journey ahead. Take the hastle out of running on empty and install a smart EV charger.

Is it safer?

If you charge your car using a standard plug you may be putting yourself at danger. Hanging wires from windows or running an extension to your car could cause accidents and possibly be a shock hazard in wet conditions. With a dedicated EV charge point all components are IP rated and come with RCD protection.

What is SMART EV Charging

Smart EV charging creates a dynamic connection between you, the cloud, the car, and the chargepoint. Smart devices automatically test the connection between your vehicle and the device before they start charging. You can access a wide range of information using manufactures APP's and also set the charge times and save money from off peak power tariffs.

A Bit More About Our Approach

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