The EVWP WallPod Overview

Your home charging

The versatile ROLEC Homecharge WallPod  range provides low cost, entry-level electric vehicle charging in both Mode 2 and Mode 3 formats for home environments.

Designed to be compatible with all current PHEVs and EVs, this WallPod is the UK’s favourite charging point with over 50,000 in operation throughout the country.

The range provides Mode 3 fast charging in both 3.6kW (16amp) and 7.2kW (32amp), which are available on a single phase household supply.

You can upgrade your unit to a 22kwh which is a super charger, you will need to have 3phase supply in order to have this unit installed.


Types of Chargers

There are two types of chargers – (Socketed and Tethered, 16amp or 32amp)

Socketed Unit

This unit includes a built-in universal socket but you will need to provide a cable to ensure it is compatible with your vehicle.

Tethered Unit

A tethered unit is one that comes with the cable attached to the charger. The cable will be provided should you choose this option.

Tethered comes with 5m cable as standard, but that can be upgraded to 10m.

We recommend that you purchase a charging cable, even if you decide on a tethered unit. This is because you can then use the cable at other charge-points when not at your home.

Installation and Extras

The cable will be connected to a breaker in your mains board and this will be run from your board to where your charger is positioned.

The standard colour for the EVWP WallPod is white with green pods.

However, these can be upgraded to different colour options when you pre-order.

You can also have the following extras:

  • Key switch
  • Timer
  • Din meter
  • Pod Lock
  • Maintenance socket

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