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You don’t need to be a major service station to have an electric vehicle charging unit.

Here at McNally, we have an exciting scheme that can see you have an EV charging unit installed for free in your customer car park.

The initiative sees a charge point installed for the benefit of both you and your customers with no costly charges for your business.

How The Scheme Works

This process sees us cover the costs of the installation and even pay the electricity bill.

We own the charger and keep the revenue, which is generated by your customers paying to use the point, while they enjoy browsing your shop or eating at your restaurant.

Reports on the EV charger will be provided for you to see the performance of the unit and how much revenue it generates.

Having an EV charger is proven to create another revenue stream and as part of this scheme, we will allow you to purchase the charge point at any time. This means you will collect the generated revenue following the purchase of the unit.


Customers Spend More Time At Your Premises

Having an EV charging unit in your car park is proven to increase customers time at your premises.

Depending on the vehicle, the average charge time can be from 30 minutes to 1.5hrs.

This means people will spend a considerable amount of time at your establishment, leading to a possible increase in sales.

If people are aware you have an EV charging unit, it can also entice new customers who are looking to charge their vehicle.

You can also work with us to offer your customers special rates for their loyalty to your business.

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Social Responsibility

There is a corporate responsibility on businesses to help lower CO2 emissions and improve air quality. The increase in using electric vehicles will reduce climate change caused by heavy traffic.

EV drivers choose their routes by looking at the availability of a charging unit on their journey. It is anticipated that over 1.2 million electric vehicles will be on British roads by 2020 and your business could be one of the places on their map.

Join The Green Revolution

Shopping centres, hotels, garden centres, farm shops and more are all sectors benefiting from having an EV charge point in their car parks.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, there are many benefits to joining the EV revolution.

To find out more about our Free Customer Car Park Installation Scheme, please feel free to call us on 01535 444101 or email us at info@mcnallyelectrical.co.uk.

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