How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car?

Cost To Charge At Home

On average, the cost for electricity for overnight charging is 13p per kWh.

Fully charging a 30Kw Nissan LEAF will cost about £3.64 and give you about 115 miles of range.

The majority of drivers will plug their vehicles in over night, ensuring that the battery is fully charged every morning. Charging at home is a more convenient and a cost-effective way to ensure your car is fully charged.


Cost To Charge An Electric Car At Work

This can vary depending on the organisation you work for. Some may provide free charging for their employees as an incentive, whereas others may charge set prices for staff.

Employers may choose to implement a tariff that is structured around time used, to encourage sharing of their charging stations.

Another way employers use charging points is by offering free charging for a certain time frame, but charge a fee once this time has elapsed. This is another method to encourage employees to free up charging spaces for other users.

Cost To Charge An Electric Vehicle At Public Charging Stations

Charging your electric car when you’re out is a good way to top up your vehicle.

Many locations do offer free charging to any customers or visitors, such as supermarkets or car parks.

Public charge-points can be identified on an app that can be used on your mobile phone. This will allow you to locate chargers in the area so you can easily find a point and start your charge

Some slightly older charging points may require an RFID card, which is similar to that of a contactless credit card. These can be ordered online.

Other charge points can require an app to make payment, if required.

Cost To Charge at a Rapid Charging Station

These tend to be found in motorway service stations and can range in cost.

These points can be free of charge to use but at the same time, are one of the more expensive ways to charge on the market.

Ecotricity has a network of rapid charging points across the country and typically charge around £6.50 for half an hour.

Tesla Motors have their own network of superchargers across the country, which are free to use for owners of Tesla vehicles.

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