What is the Governments Workplace Grant Scheme?

The Workplace Charging Scheme is a government scheme for electric vehicles, offered by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.

Since July 2020, this scheme provides £350 to £14,000 off the installation of an electric vehicle charging unit.

You can make a claim for up to 40 charge points on the Workplace Charge Scheme, but you can’t back-claim for old charge stations.


How Do I Qualify?

The Workplace Charging Scheme is available to any business, charity or public authority.

You must have off-street parking and clarify a need for the charging station for the business.

You must also have the charging station installed by an OLEV-approved installer.

How does the Workplace Charging Scheme work?

The Workplace Charging Scheme is a voucher based system.

If your application is successful, you’ll be emailed a voucher code which you can then present to your OLEV-approved installer to arrange an installation date.

The voucher code is valid for four months.

Why install at work?

Reports show 30% of electric vehicle drivers do their charging at the workplace, meaning they charge while they work.

You can save nearly £1,000 a year in fuel costs by converting your businesses transport to an electric set up.

You can offer electric vehicle charging to your visitors, boosting your company’s image as a modern and innovative entity.

A green fleet can also help reduce CO2 emissions and reach sustainability goals, raising your business profile as an environmentally friendly organisation.

Step by Step

The Workplace Charger Scheme is a voucher based system.

Step 1: Simply fill in an application form

Step 2: If your application is successful, you will then be emailed a voucher code.

Step 3: Present the voucher to your OLEV-approved installer.

Step 4: The installer will arrange for the electrical vehicle charging unit to be installed. However, the voucher code is only valid for four months.


To claim for £350 to £14,000 off the cost of installing a workplace electric vehicle charge point, just fill in this simple workplace charging form, and our Customer Care team will do the rest!

Still need some more help? Please feel free to give one of our knowledgeable staff a call on 01535 444101 or email info@mcnallyelectrical.co.uk.