What Do I Need to do to Get a Charger Installed?

What do we install?

Our McNally EV Engineers install EV chargers up all over the UK on a daily basis.

Here are the two different sockets we install:

Tethered unit:

Wallpod socketed unit:


How long will my installation take?

For a simple home installation, the average time for completion is around two hours. If it appears we cannot complete the installation in this time frame,  because of supply related problems or any other extra work we may not have accounted for, then we will reschedule the installation for a time that suits you.

Need to rearrange?

We understand that sometimes things can come up unexpectedly and you may need to reschedule your installation. If this is the case, please give us a call as soon as you know and we’ll happily rearrange for a more convenient time.

Cost for extra work?

If your installation doesn’t quite meet the criteria for a standard installation, this may incur an additional cost.

Should your installation not be considered standard, we will visit your property for a survey before sending you a no-obligation quote for the additional works.

If only minor work is required, the engineer may be able to fit you into his day and complete the job.

However, if the amount of additional work is fairly significant, we will have to come back to you with a quote and once you have accepted, the installation will be rearranged.

How to prepare for your install?

We advise you to try and make sure the area surrounding the distribution board is clear, including the cable run route.

What is the installation process?

The engineer will confirm their expected time of arrival for your installation.

The best position for your charging point will be chosen by the engineer based on your power supply.

Our engineer will then position the charger and proceed to drill, before clipping the cable to the wall.

The power will be briefly turned off whilst installing the unit and will then be connected to the mains supply.

Finally, the safety tests will then be conducted.

Still need some more help? Please feel free to give one of our knowledgeable staff a call on 01535 444101 or email info@mcnallyelectrical.co.uk.