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Hypervolt Home 3.0 (Tethered) – Including Home Installation

Experience lightning-fast charging with Hypervolt Home 3.0, the high-performance electric vehicle charger designed for seamless compatibility with all major EV brands. With advanced safety features and easy installation, this compact charger delivers convenience and reliability for your home charging needs. Upgrade to Hypervolt Home 3.0 and take charge of your EV charging today.

Say goodbye to the complexities of EV charging with the Ohme ePod. This innovative socketed design eliminates the need for adapters and cables, simplifying the charging process. But that’s just the beginning; the Ohme ePod is intelligent. It communicates with your EV and the grid to optimize charging times, ensuring you benefit from the most cost-effective and eco-friendly charging rates. Plus, the Ohme mobile app offers control at your fingertips. Set your preferences, track energy consumption, and receive real-time notifications, all with the convenience of your smartphone.

Hypervolt has developed a flawless, smart, and beautifully designed charger that meets all your domestic charging needs and now with Alexa smart home support for complete voice control.

With an extensive set of features this charging unit is solar compatible and includes load management at no additional cost.

Available in UltraWhite, UltraBlack and now Space Grey with 5m , 7.5m and 10m tethered cable to fit your requirements.


Cut Your Electricity Costs by 75%

A battery storage system can slash your electricity bill by up to 75%. Storing extra energy during off-peak periods and using it during high-demand times helps minimize reliance on the grid, especially when electricity rates are typically higher. This straightforward solution not only saves you money but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient energy consumption pattern.

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