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Optimize your Home with Battery Storage

The PureStorage II 10 kWh AC is the highest performing battery available on the market and is a great option for residential properties. Made in Britain, this battery automatically integrates to the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) using smart AI technology to maximise savings. It boasts elegant design and can be mounted on the floor or onto a wall.

Grid energy prices are predicted to rise by as much as 37% by 2022. Investing in a solar battery will minimise your reliance on this energy to keep your energy bills as low as possible.

The PureStorage II battery is a Hi-Rate 5Kwh LiFePo4 battery which will maximise your solar energy and carbon savings. Pure Storage can increase your utilisation of your generated power from 30% up to over 85%, reducing the need to buy energy from the grid.


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Installation service

Our talented team of engineers will install the battery storage to complement your existing solar system.

01.Identifying the need

On this stage we communicate with the client to know more about his company and define the goals.

02.Creating a project

Our creative team works on the project, offering its several variants. We make visual presentation and go on working.

03.Project Presentation

The final step is to present our project to a client. We show our vision of his request and perform what we’ve done.

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