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Become A Qualified Electrician

Electrical Apprentices benefit from having on-site experience and guidance from experienced Electricians along with technical training at calderdale college. An Electrical Apprentice will be studying to achieve a Level 3 technical certificate and an NVQ or a Level 3 Diploma.

McNally EV Electrical Apprentice

Learn and Progress


McNally EV allows you to work supervised and as you progress to be able to work on your own and may require you to supervise others of a lower rank.

During the first year an Advanced Apprentice Electrician can expect to assist the electricians on site with tasks relating to the installation of electrical systems and equipment.



Advanced Techniques & Skills

In the second year, you will be required to carry out basic tasks under supervision.

In the third and fourth years you will be expected to carry out skilled tasks including installing electrical cables and equipment in domestic, commercial and industrial environments, and the visual inspection and electrical testing of those installations.

The apprenticeship involves one day a week attendance at College to gain the knowledge for the Technical Certificate of the qualification.


who are we looking for?

We’re looking to help enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are passionate about working in the electrical sector and would like to join us helping create a greener Britain.

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