Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Blackridge

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mcnally ev easee installation home

smart Home chargers power every journey

charging your electric car at home is effortless!

Save time searching for public charge points in Blackridge, you can charge your electric vehicle at home effortlessly with McNally EV. Start saving money instantly with a SMART charger paired up to an overnight charging tariff. The cost saving benefits can increase further if you have solar panels. Begin every journey fully charged using a SMART home charge point.

mcnally ev easee installation home

Charging at Home is Smart and Fast.

Having a smart electric vehicle charger installed at your home in Blackridge is the most convenient and cheapest way of topping up your EV's battery.

Every new smart EV charger is set to charge during off-peak times overnight, this is by far the cheapest charging method. Paired up with an EV tariff,  overnight charging is substantially cheaper than charging at public charging stations. Overnight EV charging is like charging your mobile phone, you wake up to a fully charged battery ready for the journey ahead.


Every electric vehicle charger installation in Blackridge is guaranteed with 2 years workmanship warranty and 3 years manufacturer warranty, all our chargers will replenish your battery at a speed of 7kW and above. This means charging your electric vehicle will only take a few hours compared to using the 3pin plug charging method. Start saving money today!


Every Charger We Install Will Replenish Your Battery At A Rate Of 7kW Or Above


Begin Every Journey Fully Charged

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Charge Your Electric Vehicle During Off-Peak Times Using Scheduled Charging

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