Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

Commercial Installation

We support the workplace charging scheme and now is the time to install commercial EV chargers.

The number of electric vehicles expected to be on the UK roads in 2030 is 8 million. The UK government has also confirmed that the ban on new petrol and diesel cars has been moved forward to 2030. During the next few years, there will be huge growth in the advertising, promoting and sales of electric vehicles. If there was ever a perfect time to provide essential EV charging facilities for your visitors, employees or fleet then now is that time.

To find out which commercial charge point will suit your business, and to reduce the cost of a workplace charge point using the grant scheme, all you need to do is fill in this simple form and our team of experts will guide you through the entire process.

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What are the benefits of commercial EV charging?

There are many benefits of commercial EV charging, including specifically designed charge points for business use along with easy, affordable expansions if any changes are required.

The ever-increasing consumer interest and the workplace EV charging grant mean that EV sales are rapidly rising and will ultimately dominate the market. Over the next decade, we will see electric vehicles overtake their diesel and petrol counterparts in terms of sales and use. For businesses across the UK, whether employers, retailers or those with vehicle fleets to manage, now is the time to begin assessing what kind of EV charging you require on your own premises.

Offering EV charging can positively impact your commercial property, benefiting you, your employees and the environment. Here at McNallyEV we are the EV charging experts providing electric car charging points for businesses nationwide.

Installing EV chargers in a suitable location for offices, retail outlets, industrial or leisure complexes can retain and actively support your employees or customers. Provide workplace charging points and improve the sustainability of your business, don’t be left behind -- future proof today!

Future proof

Electric Vehicles are rapidly becoming more popular and the question every EV owner asks is, “Can I charge my car there?”. By providing a charging solution for EV owners you can increase visitors at your retail outlet, take advantage of car park charging opportunities or simply offer a charging solution for employees and fleet. Future-proof your business today by offering EV charging as part of your business model and help your business accelerate into the future, ahead of your competitors. Whether you own a small business or work for a large corporation, we install the perfect EV charging products to power every commercial property.

Providing essential facilities

The National Grid predicts there will be 36 million electric vehicles on UK roads by 2040, the presence of electric vehicle infrastructure will make a considerable difference when attracting visitors and keeping current staff engaged, happy and committed. EV drivers have a need and expectation to charge their vehicles wherever possible. Businesses that have electric vehicle charging points are providing better amenities, fulfilling EV driver’s needs and providing fit-for-purpose commercial premises.

Positive Financial Impact

Businesses investing in electric vehicle charge points stand to make positive financial gains and keep their company and staff vehicles powered up. By cutting emissions, businesses can then lower running costs because electric vehicles are the environmentally friendly choice. Your environmentally friendly business is then rewarded with various incentives.

The incentives offered for electric vehicles can earn business owners with electric fleets and vehicles exemptions from fuel duty, road tax, company car tax and Clean Air Zone charges. The government grants, tax breaks and savings are accessible for businesses all across the nation seeking to make a fantastic return on their investment.


The transition to electric vehicles over the next decade will continue to support a future for all electric vehicle charge points and will help your business maintain sustainable economic growth in this rapidly growing industry. Investing in EV charging points and the necessary infrastructure will help make your business sustainable. Being sustainable improves your efficiency and boosts your reputation, giving your business the ability to achieve better growth and have an edge on the market.

Better for the environment

With workplace car charging, your business can dramatically reduce CO² emissions and the amount of carbon tax paid on those emissions.  This also works towards improving air quality in towns and cities across the nation, as well as avoiding Clean Air Zone charges.


The incentives offered for electric vehicles can earn businesses with electric fleets and vehicles exemptions from Fuel Duty, Road Tax, Company Car Tax and Clean Air Zone charges. One of the biggest benefits of workplace EV charging is the huge saving on running costs. An electric vehicle is much cheaper to run when compared with a standard internal combustion vehicle, helping you to manage a more cost-effective business fleet.

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