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With over 10,000 Installations and 10 Years in the EV industry, McNallyEV are the best in the business...

Eliminate range anxiety and be fully charged for the journey ahead by charging your electric car at home, McNallyEV install reliable and fast electric car chargers across the UK. Imagine having your own electric car charger installed at home so you could travel freely, without having to plan your journey around electric car charging. Simply get started today and one of our experts will guide you through the entire process.

Charging at Home is Smart and indra appFast.

Having one of our smart electric vehicle charger's installed at your home is the most convenient and cheapest way of topping up your electric car's battery. A smart EV charger can be setup to charge during off-peak times overnight, this is by far the cheapest charging method. Overnight EV charging is like charging your mobile phone, you wake up to a fully charged battery ready for the journey ahead.

Every one of our dedicated electric car chargers replenish your battery at a speed of 7kW and above, meaning charging your electric vehicle will only take a few hours compared to using the 3pin plug charging method.

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Car Charger Home Installation

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How long does the EV charger installation take?

A standard installation usually takes 2 hours and in some cases your power may be turned off momentarily. Also included is a 10m cable run from the main incoming power supply and any additional devices required for a safe installation. With McNallyEV there's no hidden costs and all quotes include any additional devices required and the OZEV grant discount.

How much does it cost?

We provide electric car chargers to suit every budget and are accredited OZEV Grant scheme installers. The grant scheme helps you cut the cost of buying an excellent quality EV charger by £350. If it’s the best value for money charge point you’re looking for then the ProjectEV Pro Earth is our cheapest option. For only £549 you can have a electric car charger fully installed with 2 years workmanship warranty and 3 years manufacturer’s warranty, inclusive of a 10 meter cable run from the main incoming power supply and smart capabilities. McNallyEV will also submit your grant application on your behalf.

Should I get Tethered or Untethered EV charger?

Zappi tethered charger Zappi tethered charger
Zappi Tethered Charger


A tethered EV charger comes with a permanently attached charging cable.

Advantages of a tethered charger

  • More convenient - simply uncoil the cable and plug in.

  • More secure - the cable is part of the unit so it's not possible to remove it.

  • Cable included - which may mean you do not need to purchase a charging cable separately.

Zappi tethered charger Zappi socketed charger
Zappi Untethered Charger


An untethered EV charger (also known as socketed)  is the charging unit only, you have to supply your own charging cable.

Advantages of an untethered charger

  • Flexibility because it's just a socket.

  • Works with Type 1 and Type 2 EV's.

  • No Cables permanently on display.

  • Option to change your charging cable length.


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Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) Approved Installer

We supply and fit a range of reliable electric car chargers, not only that our team of professional engineers are OZEV approved and will install your charger within 48 hours on stocked items. Standard installation usually takes 2 hours and in some cases your power may be turned off momentarily. Booking and installing your electric car charger couldn't be easier, simply fill out the form below, and we will contact you with a quote.

Compatible with all Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

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Electric Car Charger Installation

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