How to Charge an Electric Car

How to Charge an Electric Car The ultimate guide on how to charge your electric car, from home charging to topping up your battery on the road. It’s all covered in this handy guide. Whats in this post What is electric car charging? Electric car charging is when you plug …

Solar battery storage​

Solar battery storage What is solar battery storage, a question many of you are asking to be answered. McNally Renewables are here to help educate you in all the renewable energy sources and guide you through whether Solar battery storage is right for you and the benefits they can provide. …

10 Tips For Electric Vehicle Owners This Winter

As winter is creeping in and electric vehicles are becoming more popular let’s take a look at how you can increase range and keep yourself safe with the top 10 tips for electric vehicle owners this winter. Precondition the battery Before heading out in the cold weather, turn on the …

audi etron home charging

The Ultimate Guide to Car Charging Sockets

If your new to electric vehicle charging, some terms may seem confusing and put you off the idea of switching to electric. In this guide we will explain car charging sockets and the main difference’s between them all. This guide will cover: Table of Contents Car Charging Sockets Every electric …

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